Photo Credits: Taylor Luecken

My name is Jay!  I grew up on Long Island, Located at the southern tip of New York on the East Coast.  Being that I grew up on an island, there was never a time that I wasn't at the beach.  A typical summer for me included lots of Boogie Boarding, Skate Boarding, and eventually Paddle Boarding which I picked up later in life.  
I began my journey in the art and design field at a young age.  From colored pencils, painting on canvas, to building things out of wood, I've always worked with my hands to create and design.  
Photography is and always has been a big part of my life.  As a child, I can remember shooting with old 35mm and 110 film cameras, then developing the photos with my mom in our makeshift darkroom.  This process of hand crafting images on film stood out to me in a way other crafts didn't.  As I grew older I learned that film is expensive, though I still love to shoot a roll here and there!  I decided to upgrade to the digital era and explore DSLR photography.  I instantly fell in love with this method of capturing moments.
Along with this portfolio, I also started a business around craftsmanship called Rare Stone Craftsman.  You can visit my store through the Shop link in the menu.  There you will find all sorts of hand made, printed, and designed goodies.  To work with me on your current and future design projects, send me a message on my contact page!  
Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed viewing my work!  
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